Security Course Lesson Plan

Security Course Lesson Plan

I am even more of an efficiency nerd than a security nerd and do NOT want to add complexity or intrusion to your day. I believe security can be convenient. Hop in below and start getting more secure right now.

Lesson 1: 10-minute Quick Win

Lesson 2: Protect your Devices

Lesson 3: Passwords Be Gone!

Lesson 4: Play Safer Online

Lesson 5: Don’t Lose Your Memories

Lesson 6: Think Like a Hacker

Bonus: Snowden-Level Security

Score Card

This scorecard will give you an idea of where you’re at. You can download it, print it and fill it out. If you don’t understand something, give yourself a zero.

Click here to download as PDF
Fear mongering warning: Working in technology, I am thinking about security risks all the time. Thankfully, this is not a mental burden on all of us, but I do care passionately. Trust me, the risks are real!

If these lessons look hard, fear not, just grab a techie that you trust (very important!!), and get them to go through the lessons with you.

This lesson plan is my attempt at balancing pretty great security with something that people will actually do. I will try to continuously make this better, so feedback is appreciated!

Get started right now with Lesson 1: 10-minute Quick Win!

Header image credit: Lianhao Qu
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