Terminus Foundry

We are a collective of thinkers sharing ideas about how technology can best benefit society. We value taking the time and hard work to gain a deep understanding of problems. This allows us to produce Quality writing to enable long range decision-making and drive people towards globally impactful use of their talents. We want to move humanity towards a sustainable post-scarcity society.

Simply put, we are dedicated and passionate people that want to imagine and build the best future possible. We are excited for you to join us on the journey!

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Why Terminus Foundry?

Our introduction to thinking big and long-term was in the science fiction series Foundation by Isaac Asimov. In the story, Hari Seldon lives on the capital city-planet of the Galactic Empire, Trantor. As he goes about his life, he observes disturbing facts about the Empire. The Empire is wasteful, politically motivated, extravagant, filled with aging infrastructure and fears new technologies. Hari feels that this is not sustainable but does not know what to do.

At the same time, he is developing a new science, called psychohistory. This science is an amalgamation of the fields of history and sociology. It looks at taking everything known about human history, together with everything known about how humans operate to make large scale statistical predictions about the future of society.

When Hari perfects psychohistory, his analysis shows that the Empire is on the brink of a collapse which will lead to a 30,000 year dark age. Armed with his science, he makes a plan with the goal of softening the blow of this imminent and inevitable dark age.

In the end, Hari establishes a Foundation on the edge of the galaxy, on the planet Terminus to execute his plan long past his death. This is a planet of artisans and engineers, and they work to gather collective human knowledge in the Encyclopedia Galactica, develop sustainable technologies, and influence political events in the Empire, all with the target of triggering a path towards a new more sustainable Galactic Empire after a much briefer 1,000 years.